Slim and Compact, excellent in portability.



R-Talk can be carried inside a briefcase.  All you need to do is to connect it to your cell phone when you are off-site and you can immediately start your business meeting being joined by your conferencing partners. With Bluetooth connection and battery power, it looks stylish without messy cables.  Giving on-the-spot responses  to conferencing customers who hate to wait. It can be a smart shortcut to successful business.

No need for hassles in set-ups. You can start your meeting immediately with a regular phone call.



R-Talk can be connected to any desk phone, cell phone or smart phone. No matter what type of connection line, you can start your voice conferencing by just connecting and dialing. There is no need for a special system or no problems with your set-up. R-Talk with its simple design, that anybody can use it for easy access to communicate with any remote location. (Plug & Play)

Clear sound that is easy to hear.



With NTT’s unique acoustic technology, the voice levels are properly adjusted and all surrounding noise has been eliminated.   With the voices being clearly heard, a long, time-consuming remote conferencing can be cut short and alleviate stress.All you need to do is to connect the web conference PC to the USB and the playback volume will be adequate enough with just the powersupply from the USB.  It will be a very strong tool to rely on when you havean important decision to make.

No need for connection lines, it can be battery-operated; ideal for multiple users.


R-Talk has no restriction of location. One set alone can support a variety of infrastructure by connecting to any desk phone, cell phone or PC (web conferencing) and you will be able to immediately start your meeting between the Headquarters and base points in case of emergencies. System includes an external microphone which can clearly pick up multiple voices. Allows battery operation, therefore no need to rely on power sources even during power outages.