We answer questions that are frequently asked by customers before and after their purchase of the R-Talk 800EX concerning its features and uses.

Please check these FAQs before contacting us with any additional questions you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions before Purchase.
Frequently Asked Questions after Purchase
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Basic Overview

- What kind of product is the R-Talk 800EX?

The R-Talk 800EX is a mic/speaker for voice conferencing and is equipped with echo cancellation and noise reduction.
It can be used with a landline, cell phone, computer, or other devices.
- How many people can take part in a voice conference at once?

The main unit microphone covers a radius of 2m [approx. 6.5ft] (maximum 3m [approx. 10ft]), and the external microphone covers 2m [approx. 6.5ft] in an arc of 180° in front of the microphone.
Using the main unit with an external microphone, up to ten people can be covered on one side of a voice conference.

- What type of telephone connection is compatible with the R-Talk 800EX?

Detach the receiver cord from the telephone receiver and plug in the R-Talk 800EX in its place.
No special type of telephone landline is required to use the unit.
* However, since not every type of telephone available has been tested for compatibility, please inquire with us

- What do I need to do in order to use the R-Talk 800EX with my cell phone ?


The R-Talk 800EX can be connected using either Bluetooth or cable.
The iPhone and GALAXY have been tested and proven compatible.
- What is the difference between the R-Talk 800EX and the R-Talk 800PC?

The two units differ in the type of connection terminal, compatibility with Bluetooth, and what is included in the box.
There is no difference in range of coverage or audio quality.
Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the two units.

- How much does the telephone conferencing cost per minute?

Only the normal rate usually charged for the telephone to which it is connected is charged for using the R-Talk 800EX.
- Is it possible to voice conference between three or more connections?
No. When telephone conferencing between three or more connections, you must become a member of a special telephone conferencing service that allows for telephone calls between multiple connections.
- How long does the battery last?
With new AA alkaline batteries or fully charged AA NiMH batteries, the R-Talk 800EX can be used for approximately 120 minutes with the speaker volume set at 6.
- I would like to adjust the mic volume. How do I do that?
The volume can be adjusted by pressing the VOLUME button while holding down the mic mute button.
To increase volume, press the VOLUME + sign while holding down the mic mute button.
To decrease volume, press the VOLUME – sign while holding down the mic mute button.
- The audio for people sitting far from the mic is low and difficult for people on the other end to hear.
External microphones will increase the range of audio coverage.
- I am using the R-Talk 800EX with a landline, but the people on the other end cannot hear me.
First, check that the microphone is not set to mute. Also, the microphone will not work if the telephone receiver is on the hook.
Check to make sure that the telephone receiver is off the hook before using R-Talk 800EX to voice conference.