R-Talk Speaker & Microphone System for Business Conference

The three R’s which implement the R-Talk



R-TALK is fully Mobile.

The R-Talk system use for conferencing anywhere, light weight with a modern compact design for full mobility by using (AA) batteries. Just simply connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or audio jack.


The system can be expanded up to 4 microphones, being the ideal solution for conferences with large groups of people.


The perfect solution for your business presentations or video conferencing, by USB connection can connect to any PC and enjoy the great audio quality conference. ·


Any phone device can be connected to R-Talk through RJ11 to any telephone in the world.


Clear, easy to comprehend sound developed through NTT's years of research


Can be accessed anywhere, can be used with any phone,cell or PC

Right now

Can be used immediately without any complicated set-up